This is The Reason Why Some People Like to Keep Guppy Fish

This is The Reason Why Some People Like to Keep Guppy Fish. Many of us want to have pets, but on the other hand we also don't have much time and energy to take care of these pets.

This is because keeping pets requires patience and a lot of time.

However, keeping guppy fish actually does not require much time and care is not complicated.

Although in general keeping fish is not as easy as what we want.

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This is The Reason Why Some People Like to Keep Guppy Fish

For you beginners, if you want to keep guppy fish, this one pet is quite easy and can be used as one of the right choices.

This is The Reason Why Some People Like to Keep Guppy Fish

Here we present the reasons why some people like to keep guppy fish:

1. Have a beautiful appearance

Having a pet in terms of appearance can be used as a friend to accompany us on a daily basis.

It is certain that many people want to have a pet with a beautiful appearance, so that it is pleasing to the eye.

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As we all know that guppy fish have a very diverse appearance and variety, ranging from color, fish tail shape and so on.

The color spectrum of guppies varies widely, ranging from bright red, multi-colored with marble patterns, to albino.

Even male guppies have a smaller body size and more elegant or striking colors than female fish, but female guppies have colorful tails.

2. Cheap, Small and Nice to Look at

Cheap, Small and Nice to Look at, is the charm of guppy fish, it doesn't even require an aquarium that is too big.

You only need and provide about 3.5 liters of water for each guppies.

Guppy fish is also quite easy to get, with a fairly friendly price.

Thus, we can use the remaining budget to buy equipment for Guppy fish to live such as aquariums and so on.

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3. Easy Maintenance

In addition to having a beautiful appearance, cheap, small and pleasing to the eye, Guppy Fish are very easy to care for.

We just need to make sure the fish tank is cleaned regularly and feed it with complete nutrition.

Guppies can eat anything, even mosquitoes.

There are several diseases that guppies are prone to, such as fungal infections, but we can start raising healthy fish to prevent them.

Be sure to buy your guppies from a trusted aquarium or pet store, as imported fish are prone to travel stress and need to adjust to their new environment.

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4. Quite Easy to breed

Guppy fish do not have a very long life span, but the advantage of this fish is that it is quite easy to breed.

Uniquely female guppy fish can give birth to approximately 30 to 40 tails each month. But unfortunately, guppies can eat their own young if there is no hiding place for the guppy fish themselves.

Try placing some plants in the tank for the guppies to hide in until they reach maturity.

5. Not Easily Bored

If you keep guppy fish, it is guaranteed that you will not get bored easily because guppy fish have many varieties and potential color combinations, patterns, and tail shapes.

Keeping this one fish is guaranteed not to get bored especially the fish that are kept are quite active in breeding.

In terms of appearance, guppy fish are very similar to betta fish, but guppies do not have an aggressive character like betta fish.

This one fish can also be combined with other types of fish. Even the male guppies always chase the female fish and sometimes fight with each other.

Amazingly, these fish tend to ignore other types of fish and can live in peace or serenity.

That's the reason why some people like to keep guppy fish. Thank you for visiting the latest educational GO BUSINESS blog, hopefully the information above is useful for all of us.

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