Little Capital, Understand the Opportunity to Run an Ornamental Fish Business

Little Capital, Understand the Opportunity to Run an Ornamental Fish Business. Running an ornamental fish business actually has great potential, given the high desire and interest of the community to maintain ornamental fish.

With just a little capital, you can run an ornamental fish business.

Moreover, beautiful and small ornamental fish such as betta fish do not require a lot of space and special care, so this can minimize expenses.

Little Capital Big Profit, Want! Ornamental Fish Business, come on

As explained above, the ornamental fish business is a promising animal business.

Little Capital, Understand the Opportunity to Run an Ornamental Fish Business

Running this business you will get ornamental fish business profits up to 3 times the initial capital.

Not only that, the benefits will multiply if the ornamental fish you have have a unique style

There are several reasons why we want to inform you that why this ornamental fish business should be used as a fairly promising business opportunity

Tips for Running an Ornamental Fish Business, Beginners

Here's a great opportunity to run an ornamental fish business

The first step in starting an ornamental fish business is actually not too difficult. As long as you know what types of fish you are going to trade, because there are many types of fish, even hundreds of millions of types of ornamental fish.

Before you run an ornamental fish business, consider some of the opportunities for running an ornamental fish business

1. Running a business and a hobby at the same time

If you like to keep ornamental fish, this business is perfect for you to run.

This is because a business that starts with a hobby must be fun.

Beautiful, Unique and Interesting, Here Are Some Types Of Freshwater Ornamental Fish

Just imagine you are doing a hobby while doing business. It's fun!

In addition, you also know the level of basic needs needed for an ornamental fish business in addition to how to raise, market, and find a way out if there are obstacles.

Of course, this is an opportunity for you to get big profits from running an ornamental fish business and it is guaranteed that your business will be bigger.

2. Does not require large media or area

Ornamental fish media is different from consumption fish media, such as catfish cultivation or carp cultivation which requires a fairly large size.

A room at home or on the terrace can already be used as an alternative cultivation area, so it doesn't need to take up a lot of space or space.

Easy Ways to Cultivate and Run a Guppy Fish Business

Aquarium alone is enough to be used as a medium in running an ornamental fish business.

The most important thing is to maintain quality and must be maintained so that the color of the fish remains conspicuous and does not fade.

You don't need to spend a lot of capital to buy an aquarium as the first step in running this business, moreover this aquarium will be an investment value in the ornamental fish business.

3. Easy to raise

As long as you have a great desire and have curiosity (knowledge), then how to cultivate ornamental fish will be easier, even raising them is not a problem.

The basic foundation that you need to know in general is in terms of biology and the basic habits of the fish being cultivated.

Here it is, Several Types of Beautiful Ornamental Fish, Easy Care

4. Can be cultivated independently

The ornamental fish business can be run independently without the help of others. You may need a little effort to move the fish to the tank and clean it.

5. Conserving certain types of fish

By doing ornamental fish business, you are indirectly participating in preserving fish.

Not only do you benefit, you can also make sure these fish are alive and well and avoid extinction.

6. High demand for ornamental fish

Ornamental fish have their own impression and place in people's hearts.

Not only used as decoration at home, but as decoration in offices, restaurants, shops and other public places

Here are tips for starting an ornamental fish business

Make sure the target market

Easy Ways to Take Care of Guppy Fish in the Aquarium So that they Don't Die

Ornamental fish are not only owned by rich people who have a lot of land for ornamental fish collections, middle and lower class people can also keep ornamental fish who may only have an aquarium or glass jar.

The types of ornamental fish that are generally chosen to target middle and lower middle class consumers are ornamental fish species that live in fresh water.

This type of fish does not need special care, such as betta fish and chefs.

Have basic knowledge of raising fish

To reduce the level of risk of failure or the fish being farmed die, you must know how to maintain good ornamental fish as a whole.

This type of fish also really needs care. If the fish are cared for properly, the customer will be happy to see the fish and be interested in buying it. Remember that the pattern or color of a beautiful ornamental fish really depends on the care, right?

Focus on one type of fish first

For you beginners, it would be nice to focus on one type of fish first and learn about ornamental fish at an early stage.

If you already understand, you can add two to three new types of ornamental fish.

Other potential besides selling fish

You don't want your business to just run in place, do you? If you are suitable and have the potential to increase love, continue, if not better, don't continue

Once you provide customers, they might buy the type of equipment needed, such as feed, aquarium, seeds and so on.

To make it even more profitable, you should also be able to use social media to do business selling ornamental fish.

Upload the ornamental fish that are being sold and don't forget to provide the clearest possible description of the fish along with your business address.

Upload the ornamental fish that are being sold and don't forget to provide as clear a description as possible about the fish. Also complete with your address.

Living in a sophisticated era like today, many hobbies already have a community with ornamental fish.

Take advantage of this opportunity to join the community and promote your ornamental fish business or your sales.

Who would have thought that starting from a hobby could be turned into a business. It's clear that the ornamental fish business has great potential to generate profits.

But be careful not to be careless, you also need to pay attention to a few things before starting.

Types of ornamental fish that are often used as business

If you already know the opportunities and tips for starting an ornamental fish business, now what you need to look for is what type of ornamental fish is suitable for business?

Siamese fighting fish

You could say this betta fish now occupies the first most popular position as an ornamental fish business.

The small size of betta fish makes this type of ornamental fish suitable for cultivation and as a business. With just a few small aquariums, you don't have to bother looking for a large place.

Some types of betta fish that are popularly used as businesses include:

half moon

Sarawak Betta

Crown tail or hickey serit

Heaven's Betta

Double tail

Betta slayer

Betta paradise

HMPK (Halfmoon and plaque)

Betta field

Fancy Betta

belgium bangkok

golden hickey

Betta veil tail

half sun

Betta pointed tail

Betta dumbo

Fish Cork

Channa, the name cork fish is also no less popular than betta fish. This fish is mostly hunted for people to keep.

Well, this opportunity is what makes many people make channa fish a source of income.

Channa fish are usually kept just one in one aquarium. These fish can live in water that lacks oxygen. If you are serious about doing this type of ornamental fish business, you don't have to bother installing an aerator or oxygen booster installation in the aquarium.

The market price of channa fish with a size of 5-6 cm is IDR 30-45 thousand per head. You can set the same price or increase a little from the average price if you are serious about opening a channa ornamental fish business.

Tiger fish

The eagle fish or tiger fish is an Indonesian endemic fish from Kalimantan with a small body, orange and black stripes like a tiger.

The price of this fish is quite expensive. Even so, there are still many people who want to buy this type of fish.

Molly Fish

Molly fish have beautiful and contrasting colors and are diverse with a small body. The beauty of the color of molly fish makes this fish suitable to be kept in an aquarium.

Caring for molly fish is easy because of their good adaptability. In addition, these fish are easy to breed in large numbers. Interested in doing molly fish business?

neon tetra

Neon tetra fish have a bright color pattern, shiny and resembles a neon color. That's the appeal of neon tetra fish.

This fish measuring about 5 cm has variations in bright blue and silver white. The nature of this fish likes to flock. That's why many people buy neon tetra fish in large quantities at once.

Imagine if you are in the neon tetra fish business and buyers come to buy in large quantities. You must be lucky. Just try it!

Oscar Fish

It has large eyes and a mottled pattern, making this fish unique and can be used as a business idea. Moreover, Oscar fish are very easy to grow.

Dwarf cichlid

This ornamental fish habitat is fresh water and small in size about 10-12 cm only. As with betta fish, these fish are easy to breed in small aquariums. Very suitable for those of you who want to do ornamental fish business but do not have a large area of land.

That's a little information about Little Capital, Understand the Opportunity to Run an Ornamental Fish Business. Thank you for visiting the latest education GO BUSINESS, hopefully it will be useful

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