Here Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube With an Android Phone

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube With an Android Phone. How to get money from YouTube with Android is quite easy for anyone, especially living in modern times like today, human life can be done with the existence of everything digital and the internet.

Not only in the YouTube application, favorite sites and applications are also loved by many people, including the fastest and easiest money-making applications.

You can easily have the potential to earn big just from the internet, one of which is as a YouTuber.

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Here Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube With an Android Phone

One of the easiest ways to earn money from the internet and YouTube services is by using your Android phone.

Then what are the ways and conditions to get money from YouTube? please read the entire guide that we present below, it is guaranteed that if you have the intention and are diligent in living it, then success will be easy for you to get

Here it is, an Easy way to Play Youtube Videos in The Background Using an Android Phone

Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube with Android

1. Make Money from YouTube with Google AdSense

If you have completed all the steps required or how to get money from Adsense, then you can immediately get money from YouTube AdSense through a monetization scheme.

Here you must collect a number of followers (subscribers), viewers (viewers), and meet the terms and conditions to get other YouTube AdSense below.

Terms of Getting Google AdSense on YouTube

To earn money through AdSense, YouTube has a special service to cover it

Easy Ways to Play and Watch YouTube Videos in the Background Without Upgrading to Premium

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a service that allows content creators to monetize video content that they self-create and broadcast.

As of January 16, 2018, YouTube has created a new requirement and requires a channel to have at least 4,000 hours of watch time with 1,000 subscribers over the last 12 months.

After successful registration, YouTube will conduct a manual review to test eligibility and immediately serve ads on videos if your registration has been approved.

Currently, the only requirement to earn money from YouTube is to register your channel with Google AdSense

Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube With Android Phones

- Create User-Liked Video Content

How to make money from YouTube with Android the first step you have to do to get a lot of subscribers and views is to show videos that many viewers like.

You can make videos about trending things that are currently being discussed on social media or make some of the most productive types of videos.

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Please be aware that the videos you make must be interesting, original and not the result of other people's videos

- YouTube Video Optimization

After or before you publish the video, you also have to do some YouTube video optimization so that your video can be liked more and get a lot of views.

Optimization is one of the most important factors to earn money from Youtube

Here are some of the easiest optimization steps that you can do, including the following:

- Create and show videos that are original works.

- Create eye-catching titles and thumbnails on both the YouTube timeline and recommended videos.

- Video optimization using SEO techniques, for example on the title, description, meta tags and so on.

- Do not use copyrighted content, you can use various free stock videos or background songs with the label no copyright music.

- You also need to understand in advance about the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by YouTube.

Practical Ways to Create a Youtube Channel

3. Creative Thinking

As a YouTuber, you need to understand and must know how to create interesting content for YouTube videos so that you can easily earn money.

You have to always think outside the box to attract more audience. Make viewers interesting and loyal to hang out on your YouTube channel so they don't get bored with the style or content that is regularly broadcast.

Always change your personality, create other segments or collaborate with other YouTubers you know

That way, you can easily figure out how to put videos on YouTube, making it easy to make lots of money.

Easy Ways to Earn Money from YouTube Apart from AdSense

How to earn money from YouTube is not limited to AdSense. There are many other ways that you can learn to increase the amount of income each month.

Another alternative way to make money from YouTube, guaranteed to make easy money

1. Affiliate Marketing

The next way to get money from YouTube with Android is by means of affiliate marketing by providing a link to purchase products from certain e-commerce sites that are already linked to your own account.

You can work with a number of e-commerce companies that open affiliate services, such as Banggood or Gearbest to Lazada, Blibli, Shopee and so on.

Then you can put this link in the video description and try to lure your viewers to open it.

This method is quite effective for those of you who have video content about unboxing and reviews of gadgets and other items, such as smartphones, PCs, to electronics.

2. Establish Sponsorship Cooperation

Then you can establish sponsorship partnerships with well-known brands related to your own channel.

This step is considered as the most effective way to earn money from YouTube. You can get items that can be used as video content and sponsors can promote the items they sell.

Unfortunately to get this sponsorship partnership, you must have negotiation skills to convince sponsors to put ads on your channel.

3. Selling Merchandise

AdSense ads don't give you 100 percent of your real income. This is where you can take advantage of the fan base you have

You can also easily sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other collectibles to earn fast income.

4. Hold a Meet 'n Greet

Meet 'n greet, can be used as an easy way to earn money from YouTube which is quite effective.

You can also do not just make money from followers, but share knowledge that is useful for them

Provide knowledge ranging from how to build a YouTube channel or in the form of vlogging tutorials with limited funds or budget.

In addition to the two guides above, it turns out that you can also earn money without the hassle of uploading videos on YouTube.

This guide is very useful for those of you who are anti-complicated, without the need to linger

- There are many YouTube channels that open freelance vacancies for these kinds of jobs. You don't have to bother uploading videos, you will also be paid quite a lot by writing copies, Video Scripts, Screenplays

- Optimize people's channel videos and make the YouTube algorithm in favor of their channel. Guaranteed, money will flow heavily, namely by Optimizing Other People's Video SEO

- Convert all conversations in YouTube videos into readable text, especially for Deaf friends, namely to become a Transcript Creator.

- This method is the same as the method above, the difference is that it helps to add subtitles to the video. Usually foreign YouTube channels need this so that their videos can reach audiences across languages, namely by making Closed Captions for Videos.

- There's nothing wrong with helping other people edit videos, but the most important thing is that you don't have to upload it, and you will definitely get paid Edit Video for Other People's Channels.

In fact, there are still many easy ways to get money from YouTube with an Android phone, thank you for reading the article from GO BUSINESS, hopefully the review above is useful for all.

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