Easy Ways to Cultivate and Run a Guppy Fish Business

Easy Ways to Cultivate and Run a Guppy Fish Business. Behind the charm of beauty and running Guppy Fish Cultivation turned out to be quite and promising.

Guppies are one of the most popular types of fish, especially for ornamental fish lovers around the world.

This guppy fish is very well known for its unique, interesting and cute colors, just like other freshwater ornamental fish such as betta fish which are also known to have beautiful fins.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Guppy Fish in the Aquarium So that they Don't Die

Easy Ways to Cultivate and Run a Guppy Fish Business

This ornamental fish is classified as a type of fish that is quite easy to maintain and cultivate, although overall it requires a little patience when caring for it, especially for you beginners.

If you are serious about cultivating and caring for Guppy Fish, then success will be easy for you to achieve.

On the other hand, if you are in doubt, instead of getting entertainment and profit, there are fish that can cause stress in the aquarium until finally your favorite fish disappears or dies.

Guppy Fish: Charming, Beautiful and Prima Donna Fish in the World

Cultivating and Running a Guppy Fish Business

Here are some reviews about Easy Ways to Cultivate and Run a Guppy Fish Business.

- Guppy fish live in water and can be kept in an aquarium with 75 liters, an average temperature of 20 to 26 degrees Celsius and the pH of the water in the range of 6.5 to 8.0 Celsius, so pay attention to the temperature level 

Guppy fish live healthy in temperatures from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. This is because the Guppy Fish is a fish that belongs to the Poecilia family.

Based on its scientific name, this fish is called Poecilia Reticulata, which at an adult age reaches a maximum size of approximately 5 cm.

This fish is an omnivorous fish and basically does not have a savage nature, is friendly and is able to live socially. Unfortunately, Guppy Fish are very vulnerable to attack or become predatory fish snacks because they have a small body.

Beautiful, Unique and Interesting, Here Are Some Types Of Freshwater Ornamental Fish

- Guppy fish comes from Trinidad, was first discovered by a priest named Thomas Guppy.

To date, it has produced hundreds of species both in Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, the Caribbean, Barbados, and the Asian region.

The physical form of male and female Guppy fish is basically quite different. Male guppy fish have a brighter color than the female.

- The shape of the tail, no less diverse ranging from short or round, to a V-shaped.

Some types of Guppies even have tails that are longer or half the length of their bodies.

A number of shops or pet fish sellers will usually also call their guppies rare or unique.

This variety generally arises from the cross-breeding or type of guppies with one another.

Tips for Running an Ornamental Fish Business, Beginners

However, this uniqueness actually invites controversy because the rare and unique guppies have weak immunity and a shorter life span due to interbreeding.

Ornamental fish hobbyists who have long cared for guppies usually tend to recommend buying fish from the main race or from a more established lineage. 

- Even though his body is small, Guppy can be considered as one of the fish that is quite active. They can even swim nimbly among the plants in an aquascape.

Ornamental fish hobbyists will usually also suggest separating male and female guppies in separate aquariums to prevent overpopulation.

Female guppies can store sperm so that they can give birth to several generations of offspring, even though they only experience one spawning from the male.

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