Do You Own Crypto? This is The Reason why this Asset is so Popular

Do You Own Crypto? This is The Reason why this Asset is so Popular. Along with the popularity of bitcoin, Crypto Assets began to be widely discussed in various countries.

Crypto asset investment is still relatively new, but it has started to bloom and become the public's attention.

Crypto assets are a form of digital asset.

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Crypto itself comes from the word cryptography, which is a new technology to hide certain information with mathematical algorithms.

Crypto assets can be used for many things, from buying coffee, plane tickets, cars, or even just sending them to friends and family who are abroad.

The first and most popular crypto asset is Bitcoin which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Do You Own Crypto? This is The Reason why this Asset is so Popular

Some crypto assets there are currently around 500 crypto assets out there.

Here are some reasons why crypto assets are popular with people

1. No Connectors and Middlemen

You can transact crypto assets directly from sender to recipient without the need for a liaison or intermediary to manage the transaction. Each transaction is only carried out by the sender to the recipient only.

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2. Cheap and Fast

When you want to send money to other people in different countries using crypto assets, this money will arrive within seconds and be completed instantly.

3. Hold Network

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Crypto assets are fairly safe, because the software is free and anyone in the world can participate to take part or create a crypto asset network so that it can be said that no one can turn off crypto assets

4. Safe

It is almost impossible to hack and break crypto assets, because blockchain technology has been designed in such a way and somehow the crypto assets are designed.

Those are some of the reasons why this asset is loved by all circles and Until now, it is still loved by many people.

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