Beautiful, Unique and Interesting, Here Are Some Types Of Freshwater Ornamental Fish

Beautiful, Unique and Interesting, Here Are Some Types Of Freshwater Ornamental Fish. Some people still crave freshwater ornamental fish as a type of pet that is quite popular.

Some even think that keeping freshwater ornamental fish can be used as friends to fill spare time when the atmosphere at home feels lonely.

Since the pandemic has haunted our daily lives, the attitudes and behavior of many people have changed.

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There are even those who shift their daily activities to being filled with caring for their favorite animals, there are also those who switch professions such as being a gardener (gardening), freelance and so on.

Beautiful, Unique and Interesting, Here Are Some Types Of Freshwater Ornamental Fish

Freshwater ornamental fish have various types, one of which can be used as a pet to beautify the house, online and offline buying and selling systems and so on.

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There are hundreds of types of freshwater ornamental fish that can be kept and have been cultivated by some people.

For that, the GO BUSINESS admin this time wants to share information about several types of freshwater ornamental fish that you can keep at home and can be used as land for buying and selling ornamental fish.

Here are some types of freshwater ornamental fish

1. Goldfish Chef

Goldfish Koki is one type of freshwater ornamental fish that is very popular with some people.

There are many types of goldfish ranging in size from small, medium to large.

In terms of color, there are goldfish in orange, white, red, and black colors.

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2. Comet Fish

This comet fish is a freshwater ornamental fish that is quite beautiful.

Comet fish shape is almost similar to goldfish, but its shape is longer and not rounded.

Comet fish usually have an interesting mix of colors and patterns.

Sometimes, there are comet fish that have long tails and fins

3. Black Ghost Fish

This fish comes from the Amazon River and Suriname.

The shape is like a chicken feather with a dark black color that makes black ghost fish and has its own uniqueness, especially when the bottom fin moves.

4. Guppies

Guppies are one of the beautiful freshwater ornamental fish and are quite popular with small children.

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How to care for guppy fish itself is not difficult, so Moms can teach your little one about how to care for them easily.

There are many types of guppies with various patterns and bright fish colors.

5. Lemon Fish

Lemon Fish are aggressive fish that are bright yellow in color like lemons.

This small fish has a beautiful appearance to fill your home aquarium to make it more attractive.

6. Betta Fish

Betta fish, often referred to as having many types and have different colors.

The movement of this fish makes its fins move beautifully in the aquarium and will certainly attract the attention of children to take care of it.

During the pandemic, betta fish are loved by many people.

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Even the selling price has increased drastically, it is not uncommon for people to switch professions to become betta fish sellers because it is a current trend.

7. Neon Tetra Fish

As the name implies, the body of this cute-sized fish will reflect bright light like neon lights when exposed to light

8. Botia Fish

This fish comes from South Sumatra and Kalimantan. Many say that this fish is starting to be difficult to find, you know, Moms.

Its unique body shape and pattern will make the contents of your little one's aquarium more varied.

9. Manfish

Manfish fish, whose shape is like a kite and is often also called angel fish, is quite easy to find at an ornamental fish shop near Mom's house.

10. Molly Fish

The last one is molly fish, which is the most liked and is the child's favorite.

This fish is small and has many bright colors. Molly fish itself has several types, according to your choice

Not only that, the price to buy this freshwater ornamental fish is not too expensive.

11. Comet Fish

Comet fish is a relative with goldfish.

These freshwater ornamental fish are beautiful and easy to care for. This fish is easy to care for because usually comet fish are not picky with the type of food given.

It can grow big easily if cared for properly.

One of the most important things to consider when keeping this fish is the cleanliness of the aquarium.

The cleanliness of the aquarium must be maintained so that comet fish are not exposed to disease or bacteria.

12. Flowerhorn Fish

Louhan fish had become a trend in Indonesia. The beautiful color and unique shape are also the characteristics of the flowerhorn fish.

Flowerhorn fish itself is often considered a bringer of luck for its owner.

In taking care of flowerhorn, it must be full of patience. In order for these fish to always be healthy, you need to ensure the size of the aquarium and the filter for maximum filtration.

Moms also need to feed according to the size and sufficient lighting to keep the water in the aquarium warm, yes!

That's our brief explanation of several types of freshwater ornamental fish that you can keep at home and trade because they have beautiful, unique and interesting advantages.

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