3 Advantages and Disadvantages of HP Iphone 7

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of HP Iphone 7. For those of you who are going to buy an Iphone 7 smartphone.

Here we present the advantages and disadvantages of HP Iphone so that it can be used as a reference before you spend money to buy a dream HP Iphone.

The iPhone is known to have features and specifications that tend to be better than other competitors. However, Apple also still has shortcomings in every product it releases. This can be fixed when they release the latest Iphone.

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Unlike competitors (Android), Apple is not too active in releasing a line of products made by it. In total, only 2 to 3 new devices are released each year.

Even so, Apple's line of devices remains the prima donna of gadget users in all corners of the world. One of the devices that is still being targeted today is the iPhone 7. This cellphone / smartphone released in 2016 still has prestige even though there are many new iPhone series.

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of HP Iphone 7

In the 7 series itself, Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus. However, we will discuss the iPhone 7 first. This cellphone is pegged at a much cheaper price of around 3 million only. For those of you who want to buy this iPhone 7, read on and learn the 3 advantages and disadvantages of the newest Iphone 7 in 2021.

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3 Advantages and Disadvantages of HP Iphone 7


1. The shape is not too big

The iPhone 7 still carries the typical iPhone design with its predecessor series. The shape is not too big, making this device comfortable to hold, making it easier to carry out daily activities.

2. Still support the latest iOS from Apple

When Apple releases their latest cellphone, of course they will bring the latest operating system as well. Now this iPhone 7 is an old series cellphone that can still taste the latest iOS from Apple. In the future this series may still be able to get the latest updates from the company.

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3. The camera is clear and reliable

Although it is not equipped with a large sensor like the latest iPhone. The iPhone 7 is quite tough in terms of camera use. The results produced from the iPhone 7 are quite good so they are suitable for uploading on your social media.


1. Small battery capacity

Compared to Android, Apple does not equip the iPhone with a large battery capacity. In this iPhone 7 they only provide a battery with a capacity of 1,960 mAh.

2. Small screen size.

Although easy to grip, the iPhone 7 does not support flexibility in playing games. Although it is claimed to be able to run game cars, the small screen size is often considered to interfere with performance when playing games.

3. Eliminate the 3.5 mm audio jack feature

Apple deliberately removed the audio jack feature from this flagship smartphone. This certainly caused strong protests from users and felt less satisfied with the iPhone 7 design.

Those are the 3 advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 7, hopefully it can be your consideration before buying the cellphone.

As additional information, because it was released in 2016, you can't find it on iBox, choose Apple, but you can find it on online selling sites.

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