How to Make a Car Insurance claim, Let's Register

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim, Let's Register. Accidents or calamities that suddenly occur are bitter memories or events that we don't want.

But as a vehicle or four-wheel user. Disasters, small or large disasters that suddenly occur such as accidents, fires, or other things that cause losses can haunt our daily lives

One of the easiest and safest forms of protection if something happens that we don't want is to register our vehicle or car with the insurance company.Because on the other hand this automatically brings us to always be disciplined and obey traffic rules.

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For this reason, the gibusiness. Pendidikanterbaru Admin wants to share insights and information about how to make a car insurance claim.

How to Make a Car Insurance claim, Let's Register

Most likely for some people, sometimes feel lazy to deal with the car insurance company.

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However, if you think about it broadly, unexpected events when something happens to our car or vehicle are still quite safe and fall within the scope of responsibility of the insurance company.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim, Let's register

1. Report

If something happens, before you report to the car insurance claim, make sure we know for sure the address of the head office, branch or representative office in another city or district.

In addition, also know the address of the official website and the email address of the insurance company.

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Use the insurance claim report application and we can use it by using an android-based application that has been provided by the insurance company.

Regarding the time it takes to make a car insurance claim report in accordance with the provisions made by the car insurance company. For example, if the insurance company requires 3 x 24 hours after a disaster or accident occurs, then we can report it after 3 x 24 hours, starting from the incident.

This report can come directly to the branch office, telephone, SMS, or a claim application that has been provided by the insurance company.

However, usually a claim report must be made a maximum of 5x24 hours, starting after the incident and depending on company policy.

2. Car Insurance Claim Documents

Documents are one of the administrative completeness requirements in applying for insurance.

These documents include KTP, SIM, STNK, insurance policy archives, documentation/photo of the car to be claimed, and so on. Once the documents are checked, you will also be asked to fill out a form immediately.

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3. Verification and Validation

After reporting to the car insurance company, the insurance company will send a messenger or representative to verify and validate the car insurance claim report.

then the officer will conduct a survey and analysis of damage to the car.

This activity aims to ensure that your vehicle is eligible for insurance and how much loss you experience.

4. Waiting for Verification and Validation Results from the company whether your car is eligible for approval for submitting an insurance claim or not approved/rejected.

5. Execution Process

If the insurance claim submission has been approved by the car insurance company, then the next step, the owner has the right to demand replacement.

Hopefully this brief information on How to Make a Car Insurance Claim is useful for all of us, especially for you active users of four-wheeled vehicles


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