Buy Apartment or House? Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Buy Apartment or House? Here are the advantages and disadvantages. Buy Apartment or House? Here are the advantages and disadvantages. Not only houses, living in a modern era like today, some people with thick wallets are starting to prefer apartments.

Either as a place to live or as an investment. What apartment is your house, which is better and which is more profitable?

Both have advantages and disadvantages of each, depending on our goals. Is it for future investment or as a place to live?

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Buy Apartment or House? Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Houses and apartments are one type of long-term investment that is very profitable. Before deciding to buy a house or apartment, it is better to refer to the brief explanation below regarding the advantages and disadvantages.

What apartment Home

Judging from the function, both have the same function as a place to live. However, everyone has different characteristics, some people are more comfortable living in apartments, on the other hand, some prefer to live at home.

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Basically, an apartment is a place to live in the form of a high-rise building or a large building.

This building contains many room units, in which there are various facilities such as a house, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and so on.

The apartment rooms are arranged in a row, each having their own number that distinguishes one owner from another.

While the house is a building designed in such a way for the comfort of residents.

The components of house construction are more complex because they require a foundation, roof, large area of land and various other constructions.

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So it is very different from an apartment that seems to only have one large room, a house is a building designed so that residents have more space to move.

Meanwhile, the house is usually equipped with a private yard.

Buy Apartment or House? Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of apartments vs houses

1. Certificate of Ownership

If you buy a house, you will get a Certificate of Ownership (SHM) in your personal name, where this can give full power to the full house rights. From land ownership to buildings.

Meanwhile, for apartment units, you will be given a Certificate of Ownership of Flat Units (SHMSRS). This certificate is granted ownership rights over one unit only, and does not include other facilities.

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2. Geographical Location

If you want to live in a quiet area, aka far from the noise of the city, then the house is the right choice.

Usually, houses or housing are more often located far from highways or cities, especially in big cities. Luckily, you can feel a more peaceful atmosphere yet away from work.

Meanwhile, apartments are usually located in the center of the city and are more strategic. The existence of an apartment in the middle of the city makes it easier for you to reach various needs in the city such as shopping, working or visiting entertainment places.

3. Supporting Facilities

As we know, the power of the house lies with the owner, where you can arrange all the facilities you want at will. However, of course it takes a big budget for those of you who want to have a house with complete facilities.

Unlike apartments, all the supporting facilities you need are usually available in the apartment. Generally, in apartments, there are various public facilities such as supermarkets, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and even schools and so on.

Apartment vs Home Cost and Maintenance

Talking about costs, actually this can be said to be relative. However, most apartments have more affordable prices, moreover apartments can be rented out on a monthly basis. So don't be surprised if apartments are currently the choice for millennials who are still working and not yet married.

For own homes, the prices offered are usually more expensive, this is also due to the less land and the rising property prices. However, there are also houses that are offered at affordable prices, such as subsidized housing. In fact, you can also apply for a mortgage to get a house.

Regarding the treatment, home care is arguably more flexible. This is because you can manage it yourself while reducing the cost of house expenses for things you don't need, so you can be more efficient. Meanwhile, if you live in an apartment, you will be charged a monthly fee and a sinking fund fee.

Apartment vs House investment

Property is one of the best instruments for investment and allows investors to earn passive income. However, when it comes to investing in apartments vs houses, which one is more profitable?

Looking at the large profits obtained, apartments get a higher value than houses. This is because by renting an apartment, you can get a higher yield.

Yield itself is the profit obtained from the difference between the rental price and the annual price. Apartments are able to provide a yield of 7-10%, while houses are only 3-5%.

Even so, those of you who choose a house as an investment can also benefit greatly from capital gains when the house is resold. The house also makes the owner more flexible to carry out renovations.

If you don't really like dealing with developers, investing in a house is better. This is because the house has its own (private) property.

So which is better, apartment or house, which one is better to choose? The correct answer is your own choice.

If you already have a family and prefer to socialize, then a home is the best choice. On the other hand, if you are single and want a more private residence, then an apartment is the place to be.


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