Little Capital Big Profit, Want! Ornamental Fish Business, come on

Little Capital Big Profit, Want! Ornamental Fish Business, come on. Everyone would want to start a business with little capital, but have bright prospects aka big profits up to three times.

Some people, interest and enthusiasm for ornamental fish have increased after the pandemic period hit, and began to take advantage of the business of buying and selling ornamental fish.

It turns out that running this business, does not require large capital, and can achieve quite large profits.

Tips for Running an Ornamental Fish Business, Beginners

Not only a little capital, running an ornamental fish business is also very interesting, especially with the addition of the unique colorful charms of the ornamental fish. How to care for ornamental fish, it also does not require land or space, is not too complicated, does not require large funds, such as caring for betta fish.

Little Capital Big Profit, Want! Ornamental Fish Business, come on

As explained above, the benefits of running an ornamental fish business can reach three times the capital spent. Plus sales will soar (expensive) if the ornamental fish has Interesting, quirky and unique features, of course the price is getting more expensive

Little Capital Big Profit, Want! Ornamental Fish Business, come on

Ornamental Fish Business

Before running an ornamental fish business, you should know the types of ornamental fish. This is because there are approximately hundreds to thousands of millions of types of ornamental fish

Promising Opportunity for Ornamental Fish Business

1. Bring Hobbies and business together

It would be nice, hobbies and business will be done in tandem to make it easier to achieve a dream. Whether you are in the ornamental fish business, it is also very suitable if it is used as a side job or a business field.

If the business or business started as a hobby, then the opportunity to reap success is easier and definitely fun (as you wish).

2. Does not require large space

Does not require large space. The expression of the language is correct, because the house or room for ornamental fish is different from fish culture media in general, which requires large land or size.

Community Needs Business Ideas and Opportunities

3. Understand How to Take Care

Don't jump right into the ornamental fish business, if you still don't understand how and how to care for ornamental fish so you don't lose.

Recognize and understand how to cultivate ornamental fish, so that it is easier to implement and if there are problems when you are already in the ornamental fish business.

4. Can Be Independent

Besides being able to reap huge profits. Being in the ornamental fish business can also be done independently without the help of others. Even though later you will also need the help of others when moving the ornamental fish place or tank or when cleaning the fish house or place

5. Preserving Fish

By doing ornamental fish business, indirectly participate in maintaining and preserving fish. Make sure the fish you will be working on are alive, healthy and protected from extinction.

6. High demand for ornamental fish

Ornamental fish have a special place in people's hearts. Not only as decorations at home, they may buy fish for decoration in offices, restaurants, and shops.

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Tips for Running an Ornamental Fish Business

Define target market

The target market is also an important reference in running a bus

Not only rich people who have a lot of land for ornamental fish collections, middle and lower class people can also keep ornamental fish who may only have an aquarium or glass jar.

The types of ornamental fish chosen to target middle and lower middle class consumers are ornamental fish that live in fresh water. This type of fish does not need special care, for example betta fish and chefs.

Have basic knowledge of keeping fish

To reduce the risk of failure or the fish being farmed die, you must know the knowledge of how to maintain good ornamental fish.

It is forbidden for ornamental fish businessmen to just leave ornamental fish in the aquarium. They need a thing called care. If the fish are cared for properly, the customers will be happy to see the fish and be interested in buying it.

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The style or color of certain ornamental fish really depends on the care, you know.

Focus on one type of fish first

His name is also a beginner, it would be nice to focus on one type of fish first and learn a lot in the early stages.

If you feel the need, you can really add 2-3 new types of ornamental fish.

Other potential besides selling fish

Don't want your business to be in line with the place? When it comes to selling ornamental fish, what other potentials can be utilized, right?

Of course, items related to the maintenance of ornamental fish, ranging from aquariums, feed, ornamentals, medicines, to seeds.

So, in addition to the customer buying the fish, they will probably buy the equipment all at once in your shop.

Take advantage of social media and e-commerce

To make it more profitable, you can use social media for business and e-commerce to sell ornamental fish.

Upload the ornamental fish that are being sold and don't forget to provide as clear a description as possible about the fish. Also complete with your address.

If in e-commerce you can sell equipment for maintaining ornamental fish from aquariums to medicines. You can just tell the buyer that you also open a service for arranging and installing an aquarium as well as delivery.

Now many hobbies that already have a community, even with ornamental fish. Take advantage of this opportunity to join the community and promote your ornamental fish.

Who would have thought that starting from a hobby could be turned into a business. It's clear that the ornamental fish business has great potential to generate profits. But don't be careless, you need to pay attention to a few things before starting.

Types of ornamental fish that are often used as business

If you already know the opportunities and tips for starting an ornamental fish business, now what you need to look for is what type of ornamental fish is suitable for business?

Siamese fighting fish

You could say this betta fish now occupies the first most popular position as an ornamental fish business.

The small size of betta fish makes this type of ornamental fish suitable for cultivation and as a business. With just a few small aquariums, you don't have to bother looking for a large place.

Some types of betta fish that are popularly used as businesses include:

half moon

Sarawak Betta

Crown tail or hickey serit

Heaven's Betta

Double tail

Betta slayer

Betta paradise

HMPK (Halfmoon and plaque)

Betta field

Fancy Betta

belgium bangkok

golden hickey

Betta veil tail

half sun

Betta pointed tail

Betta dumbo

Fish Cork

Channa, the name of this cork fish is also no less popular, you know than betta fish. This fish is mostly hunted for people to keep.

Well, this opportunity is what makes many people make channa fish a source of income.

Channa fish are usually kept only one in one aquarium. These fish can live in water that lacks oxygen. If you are serious about doing this type of ornamental fish business, you don't need to bother installing an aerator or oxygen booster installation in the aquarium.

The market price of channa fish with a size of 5-6 cm is IDR 30 – 45 thousand per head. You can set the same price or increase a little from the average price if you are serious about opening a channa ornamental fish business.

Tiger fish

The eagle fish or tiger fish is an Indonesian endemic fish from Kalimantan with a small body, orange and black stripes like a tiger.

The price of this fish is quite expensive. Even so, there are still many people who want to buy it. Eagle fish with a size of only 1 cm is valued at Rp. 25 thousand. The bigger the price, the higher the price. In fact, there are eagle fish that are sold for IDR 25 million per head with a size of 15 cm.

Molly Fish

Molly fish have beautiful and contrasting colors and are diverse with a small body. The beauty of the color of molly fish makes this fish suitable to be kept in an aquarium.

Caring for molly fish is easy because of their good adaptability. In addition, these fish are easy to breed in large numbers. Interested in doing molly fish business?

neon tetra

Neon tetra fish have a bright, shiny color pattern that resembles a neon color. That's the attraction of neon tetra fish.

This fish measuring about 5 cm has variations in bright blue and silver white. The nature of this fish likes to flock. That's why many people buy neon tetra fish in large quantities at once.

Imagine if you are in the neon tetra fish business and buyers come to buy in large quantities. You must be lucky. Just try it!

Oscar fish

It has large eyes and a mottled pattern, making this fish unique and can be used as a business idea. Moreover, Oscar fish are very easy to grow.

It is known, Oscar fish bodies tend to be easily enlarged. Prepare a large aquarium if you are interested in cultivating this native North American ornamental fish.

Dwarf cichlid

This ornamental fish habitat is fresh water and small in size about 10-12 cm only. As with betta fish, these fish are easy to breed in small aquariums. Very suitable for those of you who want to do ornamental fish business but don't have a large area of land.

source: pendidikanterbaru

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