Know Some Principles and Ethics in Business

Know Some Principles and Ethics in Business. Our daily life cannot be separated from interaction with others, both in the work environment and in society.

However, there are limits that you need to know and do in interacting, these limits are norms or rules in interacting with others. One form of interaction that occurs in social life is business.

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Business includes the activities of making, buying, selling, exchanging goods or services with the aim of making a profit. You can see some principles and ethics in this business world in the black ink scribbles below.

Know Some Principles and Ethics in Business

In the business world, ethics also need to create healthy competition between companies, maximize employment contracts to each individual or company and create a balanced environment.

Business ethics must be in line with the principles held by the actors, both individually and on behalf of certain companies.

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While the principle itself is a statement of truth in general and individually and is used as a guide in carrying out an action.

Know Some Principles and Ethics in Business

Autonomy Principle

Competence of business people in making decisions must be good, the principle of autonomy views the company's authority. The vision and mission are structured to have an impact on the welfare of employees and stakeholders in a company.


Equilibrum is related to the autonomy of business people, all decisions are not only authorized, but must be balanced. In other words, the company should not make decisions unilaterally.

Free Will

Free Wiil or Free. Free, in this case, equalization and opportunity for all business people, meaning that they have the same portion according to their potential. There should be no limit to the interests of only one group.

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Besides accepting free will, all behavior must be accounted for. Because in business ethics also discuss the responsibility of business actors.


The existence of transparency, honesty, must be applied in behavior in business, so that the business that is built will gain trust.


Running a business requires consistency, thought, speech and actions that can be accounted for.


Having loyalty to a business is important. This can be seen from hard work and seriousness, working in accordance with the vision and mission as well as distinguishing between personal and company matters.

That's a glimpse of the information you need to know about Some Principles and Ethics in Business. Hope it is useful.

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